Career & Internship Opportunities

Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center is looking for career oriented professionals specializing in post-acute rehabilitation for individuals with brain injury. Origami has a diverse, interdisciplinary team committed to high quality care, family support, and community participation. We offer a competitive salary, benefits, wellness plan, employee assistance plan, and 403(b). These are unique opportunities to work in a beautiful setting for those interested in a fast-paced, forward thinking team culture with professional growth potential.



Origami currently seeks (click link for details):

   Receptionist (full time)

   Medical Transporter (part time)

   Direct Support Professional (full time, part time, on-call)

Origami complies with all state and federal employment regulations, including access to the following federal laws for all applicants:

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA)

Please see below for Origami’s definitions and details of these opportunities to decide which area of interest you may have.  All Origami employees are expected to present with a highly professional demeanor, a strong rehabilitation or motivational attitude, and the ability to build necessary rapport with clients and co-workers to handle various situations.

Direct Support Professional (DSP): Works directly with clients in the residential setting assisting with acts of daily living including preparing the client for their day and getting the client ready for bed.  DSPs work as a team to assist the clinicians by following treatment orders, including exercise, dietary needs, documenting, and transportation to visits and appointments.  This is our largest group of staff and a great way to gain healthcare experience!  Requirements:  6 months healthcare volunteer, intern, or work experience preferred. CNA certifications welcome.

Patient Care Technician (PCT): Works directly with the clients in the residential setting handling the daily medical care of clients.  Responsibilities include medication tracking and passing, wound care, vitals, and documentation.  This employee works very independently and must have excellent time management and organizational skills in addition to being very detail oriented.  Requirements:  6 months healthcare volunteer, intern, or work experience preferred. PCT or MA certifications and direct medication passing experience strongly preferred.

Rehab Aide (RA): Works directly with clients in the community based programs assisting with individualized skill practice.  RAs work with the clients in a home environment to achieve the highest level of independence and assess for safety through a variety of skill-building tasks, including home care (cooking, cleaning), medication management, home exercise programs, and work or volunteer assistance.  RAs work very independently and must have excellent time management, documentation, and rapport building skills.  Requirements:  6 months healthcare volunteer, intern, or work experience preferred.  This position is generally promoted from within.

Clinical Team (various): Works directly with clients in all programs depending on client need.  Generally, certifications, registrations, and/or licenses are required for these careers although requirements vary by profession.  These employees are responsible for treatment sessions, being the expert in their area of knowledge, treatment orders, and documentation.  Careers in this area may include:  Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, Social Work, Case Management, Vocational Services, Recreational Therapy, Nursing and Psychology, amongst other potential opportunities.  Requirements:  Proper certification, registration, or licensing in the specific field.  Experience in brain injury preferred but not required.

Business Employees (various): Works directly towards business functions of Origami.  Employees in this category are often expected to be the expert for the company in their specific area of knowledge.  Careers in this area may include:  Human Resources, Information Technology, Admission, Marketing, Business Administration, Finances, Legal, and Reception amongst other potential opportunities.  Requirements:  These positions may require education or proof of expertise, depending on the position desired.  Experience is always preferred in a direct or related business function area.

Supervisory Employees: Works directly overseeing employees in a specified area of the company.  Often, these positions have other related duties to the area of employees which is overseen.  Requirements:  Working knowledge of the detailed tasks of those to be overseen.  Experience and/or education will depend based on specific position.  These positions are generally promoted from within. 



Our commitment to education and research is evident through our support of internships. Each year we provide experiences for over 50 interns. We have over 40 affiliation agreements with educational programs from more than 30 colleges and universities. A student can participate in a 1-day shadow experience all the way to full clinical rotations. Both clinical and non-clinical internships are available.

Click Here to download the Volunteer Application.

Click Here to download the Intern Application.

Please see below for Origami’s definitions and details of these three opportunities to decide which may meet your needs. 

Intern: Works directly with the assigned clinical supervisor at the level of supervision determined by the supervisor to successfully learn the skills and responsibilities as related to the specific area of focus. There will be structured observation, mentorship, and hands-on practice as determined by individual learning needs, the supervisor’s identified objectives, and the affiliation’s expectations as outlined per the agreement with Origami.   

For the internship experience to be a success, the intern should show interest in learning and demonstrate initiative to investigate and clarify information through asking appropriate questions and reviewing written materials.  It is also expected that the intern will keep on top of daily schedule and deadlines which shows appropriate organization and time management skills. The intern should seek help from the assigned supervisor as needed. 

Graduate level interns only, in conjunction with a school specified program, accepted for the following career areas:  Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, Social Work, and Psychology (doctorate only).  Undergraduate level available in Recreational Therapy, Case Management, Nursing, Marketing, Admissions, Human Resources, Business Management (healthcare or general), and Information Technology.  Related school work and experience may be considered for undergraduate internships.

Volunteer: Performs service that best connects the individual’s qualifications with the needs of Origami and its population served.  Such examples include, but are not limited to:  spending quality time with clients, arts and crafts, gardening, involvement in recreation specific groups, data collection, greeting guests, and secretarial tasks.  

Interested parties must specify which specific area(s) are of interest to provide service to the clients and/or organization.  Volunteer opportunities are not generally clinical in nature.

Job Shadow:  Provides the individual the experience to explore potential clinical or administrative careers while observing personnel in a dynamic healthcare environment. An individual may visit once or a handful of times for a limited time period to meet their observation needs.  This opportunity may be available in most career areas Origami provides.

For more information, please call our Human Resource office at (517) 455-0268 or email.