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I love yoga. What started out almost 15 years ago as a way to get some exercise, has become an important piece of what I do, how I live, and who I am. While the physical benefits of yoga are real and numerous, this is a lifetime practice because of how it lifts the spirit, clears the mind and brings a sense of peace and holistic wellness. Because of yoga, I am stronger, kinder and more patient. Through teaching I hope to help others find the ways in which yoga benefits and enriches their lives. I recently completed the 200-hr teacher training program at Hilltop Yoga, where I’ve regularly practiced since 2009, and am currently pursuing the 300-hour apprentice teaching program. I have a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from MSU in Environmental Policy and a Master’s of Public Policy Degree from the University of Michigan. When not in the studio, I’m busy taking care of my 2 sons and dog, Karl.