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Getting My Mom Back: A Daughter’s Inspiring Letter

Chloe hugging her mother (Teresa)

There is nothing in this world quite like a mother’s love. This is what makes the bond between Teresa Spears and her daughter, Chloe, so special. This special bond made Teresa’s car accident in November of 2016 even more frightening. Teresa had been traveling home after dropping lunch off to her husband when her vehicle was struck by a large truck. 

After several months of suffering from debilitating headaches, neck pain, impaired vision and posture, Teresa was referred to Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center, where she received multiple services including Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech-Language Pathology. After successfully completing all of her therapies, Teresa was able to return to running her successful business and keeping up with her teenage daughter, Chloe. Reflecting on her mother’s inspiring journey, Chloe wrote a heartfelt letter describing how Origami helped Teresa get her life back and Chloe get her mom back. 

Dear Origami, 

I would like to thank you for all the hard work you have put into helping my mom get better. She can do everything she wants now that she is feeling better. She is setting reminders for everything because she doesn’t remember sometimes and Julianne, my mom’s wonderful speech therapist, recommended this strategy, and it has been life changing. My mom can also get her daily walk in, instead of having a headache and lying in bed in pain, because Ron, her physical therapist, helped with my mom’s neck, eyes, and headaches. 

I am so glad my mom is feeling better and we can do things together, like go on short trips like we used to. It always pains me when my mom is not feeling well, but because of the amazing staff at Origami, things have changed a lot since my mom was injured in the accident. Julianne helped my mom, dad, and I understand neurofatigue, and she also helped with my mom’s memory. 

Origami, you helped our family when we were in desperate need of help, and when no one else would take charge! But you guys put your best-foot-forward and helped make life better for my mom and for our family. So, Origami, you have made a big impact on my mom’s life, and I wanted to let everyone know that you guys are appreciated, and we are very thankful for your help. 


Chloé Jewel Spears