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Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center to Offer Comprehensive Driver Rehabilitation Service After Receiving A Grant From the Michigan Health Endowment Fund

Two women driving in a white van with the Origami logo on it

Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center received a grant from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund (MHEF) to support the expansion of their Return to Driving service. 

Origami’s driver rehabilitation service features a state-of-the-art driving simulator, global electric motor vehicle on campus trails, and behind the wheel evaluations. Origami has brought the entire driver rehabilitation process under one roof, helping to streamline learning or re-learning to drive.

Origami will now serve drivers of all ages with neurological and developmental disabilities through their driver rehabilitation service, which now includes behind the wheel evaluations and a retraining program. 

“Our goal in providing individuals with behind the wheel evaluations and training is to create a safer roadway for all while promoting the highest level of independence for the individual,” said Tammy Hannah, President & CEO of Origami as she reflected on their motivation to expand their driving service. 

Hannah continued stating, “The MHEF grant allows us to meet the growing demand of our community and create a comprehensive driving service for individuals in need of on the road training.” 

As a part of Origami’s driver rehabilitation service, occupational therapists provide comprehensive clinical assessments and vehicle modification/conformance assessments, driver readiness and rehabilitation evaluations, and senior driving evaluations. In addition, Origami provides driver cessation and alternative transportation counseling. 

Origami has purchased a new vehicle for behind the wheel evaluations that is specially equipped with instructor brake and controls, hand controls, specialty knobs, adapted mirrors, and assistive steering.

In addition to assisting individuals recovering from an injury to be able to drive again, these services are being offered to teens with disabilities that may need additional support in their driver education and training. “We know there are teens who are eager to pass their driving test, and parents who are uncertain if this will be possible. Our expertise and compassion makes our driver training the perfect opportunity for these potential drivers,” said Amanda Carr, Director of Rehabilitation.  

Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center is a non-profit organization located in Lansing, Michigan. Origami provides the region’s broadest spectrum of neuro-rehabilitation services for survivors of brain injuries and their families. Through their compassionate and innovative service, Origami creates opportunities and transforms lives.