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Assisted Living

In our Assisted Living track of the Residential Program, we provide 24 hour support in a calming, home-like environment with private suites. Our program structure promotes self-sufficiency and rebuilds independent living skills based on each individual's need and care plan.

Program Admission Criteria

  • Male or female 18 years or older with a primary diagnosis of neurological dysfunction
  • Requires more than 12 hours of structured support or supervision per day
  • Clients within the NR track may require more intensive supervision (i.e. levels of 1:1, 15-minute checks, 30-minute checks)
  • Moderate assistance with basic activities of daily living 
  • Transfers self with no more than moderate assistance 
  • Participates in daily living activities such as meal preparation, laundry, and medication management
  • Medically stable, free from acute infection or fever, and non-ventilator dependent
  • Does not require skilled nursing, but NR clients may require the support of Patient Care Technicians and Registered Nurse oversight of medical needs
  • Minimum Ranchos Los Amigos Levels of 4/5 for NR
  • Participates in a minimum of 3 hours of structured programming per day
  • May require the services of a trained culinary specialist with meal preparation for safety, diet restriction conformance, and/or nutritional needs 
  • Not a danger to self or others
  • Not actively engaged in substance use

Levels of Supervision

  • Standard – up to moderate assistance in functional areas
  • Intensive – maximum assistance in functional areas
  • One on One – requires 1 to 1 staff support in functional or behavioral areas (Does not require more intensive supervision beyond a possible individualized treatment plan for safety with close monitoring and time limitation)

Discharge/Transition Criteria

  • Treatment team’s assessment indicates that the client has achieved a level of functional independence requiring less than 12 hours of daily support or supervision
  • Client’s behavior is not compatible with the program goals, group activities, or may prevent the progress of other participants*
  • Poses a risk or danger to self or others*
  • Interruption to secure funding*
  • Client meets admission criteria of another program in the Origami continuum and may transition accordingly

*A discharge procedure will be followed ensuring the opportunity to access other appropriate resources.