Semi-Independent Living

In our Semi-Independent Living track of the Residential Program, six private, onsite apartments offer a middle step between 24-hour support and living in an independent location. Direct Support Professionals offer support up to five hours a day. Emergency support is available 24 hours a day.

Admission Criteria

  • Male or female 18 years or older with a primary diagnosis of neurological dysfunction or developmental disability.* (ages 16-17 may be admitted with special consideration)
  • Requires up to 5 hours of daily support. Support may include basic and/or instrumental activities of daily living.
  • Transfers self with no more than modified independence
  • Medically stable, free from acute infection or fever, and does not require skilled nursing
  • Minimum Ranchos Los Amigos Levels of 6/7
  • Engaged in, or actively pursuing, productive activity including, but not limited to work, school, vocational/avocational activity, or extensive rehabilitation
  • Not a danger to self or others
  • Not actively engaged in substance use

Discharge/Transition Criteria

  • Treatment team’s assessment indicates that the individual has achieved a level of functional independence requiring limited support.
  • Individual’s behavior is not compatible with the program goals, group activities, or may prevent the progress of other participants**
  • Poses a risk or danger to self or others**
  • Individual meets admission criteria of another program track in the Origami continuum and may transition accordingly
  • Interruption to secure funding

* Origami specializes in neurological rehabilitation; however, provides services to individuals with other diagnoses as long as the established admission criteria are met. 

**A discharge procedure will be followed ensuring the opportunity to access other appropriate resources.