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Additional Professional Services

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Behavioral Analysis

Behavior analysis is the process of providing a therapeutic environment and implementing support plans to address concerning behaviors that promote optimal responses and actions.

Care Coordination 

Origami's Care Coordinators ensure that required services and resources are available to meet the client's needs. The Care Coordinator informs the client's insurance company or case manager of progress, helps plan each stage of rehabilitation, talks with clients about personal and/or family concerns, schedules family training and therapy, and serves as a family’s main point of contact.


Origami's dietitian can perform nutritional assessments, provide recommendations for achieving optimal health, and monitor client progress throughout the rehab stay. In addition, the dietitian will provide education on topics such as maintaining a healthy body weight, role of fiber in the diet, prevention and treatment of skin wounds, and diabetes.


Origami's nurses are specially trained in the treatment of brain injury and take care of clients in the Residential Program. They help guide medical treatment plans, manage medication, skin care, bowel and bladder programs, and address any pain a client may be experiencing. A nurse will also evaluate health education needs and meet with clients and their family to discuss the injury. 


Origami has an attending physician who directs client care. They identify problems and prescribe medication and other treatment services. The physiatrist focuses on restoration of the body and mind after trauma has occurred. In some cases the restoration is ongoing and the goal is to teach clients how to live and cope with the effects of pain or lack of function, and lead a full and productive life. The physiatrist will help establish rehabilitation goals, plan the discharge and approve any equipment a client will need after discharge.