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Driver Rehabilitation

Origami Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist doing an on the road evaluation with a client

Driving can be an important part of gaining greater independence. At Origami, our Driver Rehabilitation service features a state-of-the-art driving simulator and behind-the-wheel evaluations in our specially equipped vehicle used for on-the-road evaluations and training. Origami’s team can assist at various points within the driver rehabilitation journey. Whether it be learning to drive with a disability, returning to driving after an injury, or reassessing driving safety in aging adults.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions that we get from people about our Driver Rehabilitation service.

To be admitted into the Driver Rehabilitation service, individuals must be:

  • Episode free of seizures or any other condition change in mental status that may affect driving for a period of 6 months (for behind-the-wheel training) 
  • Valid driver’s license permit (for behind-the-wheel training)  
  • Michigan residents with a suspended license may be eligible for a temporary instruction permit  

Our Driver Rehabilitation service benefits drivers of all ages with neurological and/or developmental disabilities through behind-the-wheel evaluations and retraining services. Our expert occupational therapists are Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists who provide: 

  • Alternative Transportation Consultation 
  • Comprehensive Clinical Assessment 
  • Driver Cessation Counseling 
  • Driver Readiness and Rehabilitation Evaluation and Training 
  • Senior Driving Evaluation 
  • Vehicle Modification/Conformance Assessments 

The evaluation will begin with a clinical assessment, which includes a series of standardized assessments to address the following:  

  • Visual-spatial perception skills such as focused and shifting attention, figure-ground perception, depth perception, information processing speed, and scanning;  
  • Fine motor abilities of both hands and eye coordination; and   
  • Attention, memory, and cognitive abilities (i.e., decision-making, planning, judgment)   

A short-written test with selected questions from the Michigan Driver Education Classroom Competency Test and a road sign matching test are administered to assess basic driving knowledge. If appropriate, the driving evaluation will include functional assessment(s) using the driving simulator in an office, an approved vehicle on a closed campus route, and/or on the road in a certified driver rehabilitation vehicle.   

We are here to help you navigate the funding process. We encourage you to call us with any questions and we will assist you with exploring various benefits and options.