Media Inquiries

Client walking with one of our physical therapist on the trails at our Origami Main campus.

Origami Rehabilitation is a CARF accredited, non-profit organization resulting from a unique alliance between Peckham, Inc. and Michigan State University. Origami provides comprehensive rehabilitation for children, adolescents, and adults with neurological, developmental, mental health, and orthopedic conditions through their residential and outpatient programs. Through their compassionate and innovative services, Origami creates opportunities and transforms lives. Origami was founded in April of 1997 and continues to expand their reach throughout the mid-Michigan area and beyond.

Media Inquiries
All media interviews or photographs with Origami Rehabilitation clients, clinicians, physicians, and employees must be cleared in advance. All media representatives are required to check in at the front desk upon arrival.

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Access to Client Care Areas
Access may be limited or denied to any area of Origami Rehabilitation depending on activities or clients being served at that time.

At Origami Main, parking is available in front of and behind our Clinic. At Origami West, parking is available in front of the building.